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    Milk and Money

    The exhibition of Rotondes Milk & money, a thorough inside into Luxembourgish brand design over the past 100 years. An exhibition from June-August 2016.

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    Tageblatt – Award of Excellence

    Congratulations Tageblatt, for winning 5 awards of Excellence at the European Newspaper Awards. In this video the collegues from Tageblatt thank their readers for their trust.

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    Shine a light

    Shine a light, event communication agency  

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    Bernard Gilbert – Endless Painting

    Collected works 2010-2014. Editorial design. A project led by SiYOU. Every painting by Bernard Gilbert is one more try at creating a pictorial space: an illusion of depth obtained by juxtaposing parts or remnants of several layers of paint, which… Continue reading

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    Traces No 4

    Traces no 4, the fourth edition of the annual magazine published by Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, looks back at exhibitions, events and other activities organised by Casino Luxembourg in 2013. Post by Central Intelligence *** Design Studio.

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    sneaker-marmalade magazine

    Authentic, credible, independent & passion driven magazine about sneakers and their culture. Sneaker spirit is a state of mind. It contained diverse subjects : urban cultures, literature, fashion, music, photography, graphic design… with the following shibboleth: “stay fresh and entertain”… Continue reading

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    Hljóð – Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

    Post by Central Intelligence *** Design Studio.


    Album Cover – when ‘airy met fairy

    A mystic, slow and wonderful music composition. Was not hard to find a picture to it.

  • Observatoires photographiques, CNA, 2013, © Romain Girtgen, CNA.

    Centre National de l’Audiovisuel – Obersvatoires photographiques – Exhibition

    Observatoires Photographiques / Photographic Observatories was part of the Atelier Luxembourg initiative, a collaboration between various Luxembourg cultural institution. In keeping with its specificities and interests, each one presents art in Luxembourg from 1945 to the present day. Within the… Continue reading


    Centre National de l’Audiovisuel – Obersvatoires photographiques – Book

    A book 76 pages + 4 cover pages. Cover : silkscreen on cardboard. Book binding with cuts and folding only : 0 collage, 0 staple


    Ceci n’est pas un animal

    A conference about animal rights and more specific about how animals are not considered a living being by law. A name and logo was needed to illustrate this. Video by Pulsa productions. ARTISTS FOR ANIMALS – 24.11.2014 from Pulsa Pictures… Continue reading

  • season-greetings

    Season greetings

    Very nice paper, laser cutting and silkscreen… what can a designer ask more

  • shampan-golden


    A Luxembourger wanting to create its own champagne, bottled and imported from Champagne, France and Marketed in Luxembourg, it can’t get any more mutated than that, this is the outcome, listen to the sound of the brand here -> SH’AMPAN

  • expressions


    A company that consults on subjects like sustainable Development for communes.

  • Rebound in the city Logo

    Rebound in the city

    Basket Racing Club Luxembourg is one of the oldest basketball clubs of Luxembourg. The only basketball club of the capital. The idea was to create a new environment, refresh the look, feel and approach of the club, invest in the… Continue reading

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    Gone Gone Gone Single

    The artist Thorunn was asked to compose a single to have people pay attention to route safety and the fact how quickly life can change or disappear in route accidents. This song is about a girl that has just had… Continue reading

  • cfl-ra-2011-1

    CFL Annual Report

    A conception for CFL for their annual report 2011. The aim for the whole CFL corporation is to bring people from point A to point B in all safety. The report illustrates those people in intimacy close to the window.… Continue reading

  • editorial-p1090621

    Société Générale Life Insurance Broker

    Société Générale has a strict corporate line. The aim was to break the standard banking image and create a strong visual that touches the core business of Société Générale Life Insurance Broker. The hummingbird is the only bird able to… Continue reading

  • adato magazine cover

    Magazine Cover

    Attempt to refreshen the look and feel of adato magazine. Dedicated to the professional world of architecture.

  • Steinreich, Book Cover

    Book Cover

    Steinreich a thriller written by Lisa Huth and Karin Mayer. The story is about two journalists Ruth and Solveig who end up finding a dead body in the trunk of their car. The dead man is none other than Armin… Continue reading

  • ralph-weis-wayfinding-map-goodie-card-closed

    Ralph Weis Opticien

    Relooking of the corporate and decoration inside the shop. The theme color black worked out with different material. A map illustrating in a fun way the two shops in town with all the interesting things to do around.

  • corporate-thorunn-presentor

    TV Presentor Image Enhancer

    An international TV presentor needs her voice out. A refreshing breeze of color that reflects Thorunn Egilsdottir’s character. Pantone on carton.

  • viva-marathon-ad-campaign-ii

    Viva Ad campaign

    Viva is a Luxembourgish mineral water. As one of the sponsors of the Luxembourg ING Marathon, an ad camapaign was set up all around town where the marathon took place on bus stops. One can see the man run from… Continue reading

  • simon-pils-bottle-ad-campaign

    Simon Pils

    Luxembourgers have not had the chance to discover and appreciate products that put forward their identity and pride. The lion is one of those symbols is tightly bonded to the roots of Luxembourg. Thus Simon Pils Lion by Kreutz &… Continue reading

  • foyermobile

    Foyer Product Ad Campaign

    Foyer insurance, one of the biggest insurers in Luxembourg. Foyer mobilé is a product which grants you loans + insures your car. Illustration for Kreutz & Friends.      

  • atypical-business-card-main

    atypical coworking space

    Atypical is a coworking space based in luxembourg. Lead by Will Kreutz, the space offers designers and talents around the world a hub and the chance to co-work on bigger projects. The task a corporate identity for atypical.

  • invitation-baptism-main_0

    Discover invitation card

    Instead of the normal – open up invitation cards, here a fun way to know issue and details of a personal invitation. In this case a baptism of a little girl.

  • the-jar-music-album

    Music Album – The Jar

    The Jar is a story of this young woman leaving her ever so known country along with a jar containing bits of her fatherlands earth. She goes on many adventures and in a country called Oxenburg she meets this amazing… Continue reading

  • Superfishreality Music Album Bags

    Music Album Superfishreality

    The music industry and the way people buy their music has changed, some still need to have their real-to-touch-and-smell album in their shelves. The real extra is to have something more when bying. With this in mind we created a… Continue reading

  • cimalux-concrete-ad-campaign-i

    Ad campaign “grey is”

    Cimalux is a company that has been providing concrete since 1920. This grey product is part of our lives and environment. Is an essential material for our living world and fits to almost everything. The “grey is” campaign illuminates this… Continue reading

  • brasserie-k116-menu-and-wine-card

    Brasserie K116

    Brasserie K116 is known for its young and fresh cuisine with Romain Beaumet as chef. The idea was to come up with a fresh idea to present the restaurant and for the menu and wine card illustrations of the exit… Continue reading

  • birth-notification-paper-fortune-teller-closed

    The baby paper fortune teller

    When a baby is on its way every body is guessing what sex the baby might be like, what he or she will look like, people even come up with all kinds of sciences to be able to predetermine the… Continue reading

  • labyrinthA4

    Labyrinth of love

      Again one of our favorite client has struck with a new single. Labyrinth of love is a cool fresh song with great lyrics. The adaptation to paper was a blast.

  • editorial-p1090626

    BCL Annual Report

    The Banque centrale du Luxembourg is the central bank of Luxembourg. It was founded in 1998, at the same time the European Central Bank was created, by laws dated 22 April and 23 December. It is part of the European… Continue reading

  • corporate-lisa

    Corporate for a professional singer

    A presentation and logo for a professional singer. What else than illustrate in sound the singers name.