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sneaker-marmalade magazine


Authentic, credible, independent & passion driven
magazine about sneakers and their culture. Sneaker spirit is a state of mind. It contained diverse subjects : urban cultures, literature, fashion, music, photography, graphic design… with the following shibboleth: “stay
fresh and entertain” Advertisors : (Nike, Eastpak,
Adidas, Puma, Mini-BMW, etc.)
Distribution network : High end stores & libraries (Colette, Kiliwatch, Palais de Tokyo, Barnes & Noble, etc.) Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, South America,

United States.

Gone Gone Gone Single


The artist Thorunn was asked to compose a single to have people pay attention to route safety and the fact how quickly life can change or disappear in route accidents. This song is about a girl that has just had a lethal car accident by a road she used to take every day. Sécurité routière Luxembourg, Sacem. Single by Thorunn and Eric Bornholm.

Gone Gone Gone The Song


Ralph Weis Opticien


Relooking of the corporate and decoration inside the shop. The theme color black worked out with different material. A map illustrating in a fun way the two shops in town with all the interesting things to do around.

Brasserie K116


Brasserie K116 is known for its young and fresh cuisine with Romain Beaumet as chef. The idea was to come up with a fresh idea to present the restaurant and for the menu and wine card illustrations of the exit segment icon coming to live in all kinds of sauces and situations. Concept and illustration for Kreutz & Friends.


The baby paper fortune teller


When a baby is on its way every body is guessing what sex the baby might be like, what he or she will look like, people even come up with all kinds of sciences to be able to predetermine the sex. The baby fortune teller is a post natal piece of evidence, but instead of revealing the truth right away, the audience is kept tense and they can make their last bets before for ever be the keeper of real facts.

Labyrinth of love



Again one of our favorite client has struck with a new single. Labyrinth of love is a cool fresh song with great lyrics. The adaptation to paper was a blast.