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Milk and Money

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The exhibition of Rotondes Milk & money, a thorough inside into Luxembourgish brand design over the past 100 years. An exhibition from June-August 2016.

Hljóð – Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

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Centre National de l’Audiovisuel – Obersvatoires photographiques – Exhibition

Observatoires photographiques, CNA, 2013, © Romain Girtgen, CNA.

Observatoires Photographiques / Photographic Observatories was part of the Atelier Luxembourg initiative, a collaboration between various Luxembourg cultural institution. In keeping with its specificities and interests, each one presents art in Luxembourg from 1945 to the present day. Within the framework of this shared reflection on the country’s artistic development, it was opportune to analyze a practice that – through the use of photography – questions and reflects upon the territorial evolution of the country, namely, the photographic commission. Since the beginning of the 20th Century many photographers have given us their views on the changes in our living spaces and ways of life, yet the practice itself, the photographic commission in Luxemburg per se, its challenges and specificities have never been genuinely thematized.

Hence, one goal of this undertaking will be to make a comprehensive overview of photographic commissions carried out in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg while striving for a greater degree of complexity than a mere retrospective. The analysis of missions carried out to date will open up new perspectives and possibilities as well as subjects worthy of treatment. The dialogue between images of the past and the present will enable us to visualize both the evolution of our country and of photography itself (SPACES, ITINERARIES, GAZES

Projection of trialogues of images from photographic commissions in Luxembourg). A new mission (SEND ME A POSTCARD
a site, aside, inside, in between, away by Gea Casolaro) will question not just our territory, but also our visual faculty, our way of looking – an artistic approach that children and teenagers will explore in their own way in the course of various pedagogic workshops (POSTCARD FACTORY).

Observatoires Photographiques.
Edited by Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA), 2013, 19€.
On sale on the website www.cna.lu.

Curator of Observatoires Photographiques/Photographic Observatories :
Marguy Conzémius – marguy.conzemius@cna.etat.lu

Coordinator of children’s workshops:
Mylène Carrière – mylene.carriere@cna.etat.lu

The exhibition is organized in frame of Atelier Luxembourg and with the support of the city of Dudelange.

Observatoires photographiques, CNA, 2013, © Romain Girtgen, CNA.

The text is copied from http://www.undo.net/it/mostra/165612