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Tageblatt – Award of Excellence

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Congratulations Tageblatt, for winning 5 awards of Excellence at the European Newspaper Awards.
In this video the collegues from Tageblatt thank their readers for their trust.

Bernard Gilbert – Endless Painting


Collected works 2010-2014. Editorial design. A project led by SiYOU.
Every painting by Bernard Gilbert is one more try at creating a pictorial space: an illusion of depth obtained by juxtaposing parts or remnants of several layers of paint, which through their form, colour or texture, appear to be situated on different planes, a bit like flats in stage scenery. (Hans Theys)

Traces No 4


Traces no 4, the fourth edition of the annual magazine published by Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, looks back at exhibitions, events and other activities organised by Casino Luxembourg in 2013.

sneaker-marmalade magazine


Authentic, credible, independent & passion driven
magazine about sneakers and their culture. Sneaker spirit is a state of mind. It contained diverse subjects : urban cultures, literature, fashion, music, photography, graphic design… with the following shibboleth: “stay
fresh and entertain” Advertisors : (Nike, Eastpak,
Adidas, Puma, Mini-BMW, etc.)
Distribution network : High end stores & libraries (Colette, Kiliwatch, Palais de Tokyo, Barnes & Noble, etc.) Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, South America,

United States.

Centre National de l’Audiovisuel – Obersvatoires photographiques – Book


A book 76 pages + 4 cover pages. Cover : silkscreen on cardboard. Book binding with cuts and folding only : 0 collage, 0 staple

CFL Annual Report


A conception for CFL for their annual report 2011. The aim for the whole CFL corporation is to bring people from point A to point B in all safety. The report illustrates those people in intimacy close to the window. A concept done for Lola.

Société Générale Life Insurance Broker


Société Générale has a strict corporate line. The aim was to break the standard banking image and create a strong visual that touches the core business of Société Générale Life Insurance Broker.
The hummingbird is the only bird able to fly forward and backward. The gathering of food is a give and take between the flower and the bird.

Magazine Cover

adato magazine cover

Attempt to refreshen the look and feel of adato magazine. Dedicated to the professional world of architecture.

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Book Cover

Steinreich, Book Cover

Steinreich a thriller written by Lisa Huth and Karin Mayer. The story is about two journalists Ruth and Solveig who end up finding a dead body in the trunk of their car. The dead man is none other than Armin Buchheit a real estate shark tight to politics and money laundering, over which they have just written. They end up being under suspicion of murder and an have an assassin on their tail. – Schortgen Editions

Both Karin Mayer and Lisa Huth journalists are at the Saarland Radio. One is responsible for economics, the other topics for France. So far appeared Crime Stories: The Crime Collection “murder site” they have given out together in the anthology “The Wrong of the Saar” both appear as authors.

Ralph Weis Opticien


Relooking of the corporate and decoration inside the shop. The theme color black worked out with different material. A map illustrating in a fun way the two shops in town with all the interesting things to do around.

BCL Annual Report


The Banque centrale du Luxembourg is the central bank of Luxembourg. It was founded in 1998, at the same time the European Central Bank was created, by laws dated 22 April and 23 December. It is part of the European System of Central Banks