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Shine a light


Shine a light, event communication agency




A company that consults on subjects like sustainable Development for communes.

Rebound in the city

Rebound in the city Logo

Basket Racing Club Luxembourg is one of the oldest basketball clubs of Luxembourg. The only basketball club of the capital. The idea was to create a new environment, refresh the look, feel and approach of the club, invest in the coming generation. The project is very interesting and broadening of the project with events, film etc is already planned.

Société Générale Life Insurance Broker


Société Générale has a strict corporate line. The aim was to break the standard banking image and create a strong visual that touches the core business of Société Générale Life Insurance Broker.
The hummingbird is the only bird able to fly forward and backward. The gathering of food is a give and take between the flower and the bird.

Ralph Weis Opticien


Relooking of the corporate and decoration inside the shop. The theme color black worked out with different material. A map illustrating in a fun way the two shops in town with all the interesting things to do around.

TV Presentor Image Enhancer


An international TV presentor needs her voice out. A refreshing breeze of color that reflects Thorunn Egilsdottir’s character. Pantone on carton.

atypical coworking space


Atypical is a coworking space based in luxembourg. Lead by Will Kreutz, the space offers designers and talents around the world a hub and the chance to co-work on bigger projects. The task a corporate identity for atypical.

Brasserie K116


Brasserie K116 is known for its young and fresh cuisine with Romain Beaumet as chef. The idea was to come up with a fresh idea to present the restaurant and for the menu and wine card illustrations of the exit segment icon coming to live in all kinds of sauces and situations. Concept and illustration for Kreutz & Friends.


Corporate for a professional singer


A presentation and logo for a professional singer. What else than illustrate in sound the singers name.