About us

text2_1Central Intelligence (Design) Agency
Invisibly yours

We are a Luxembourg-based undercover design agency focussing our work on the four principles of trust, reliability, discretion and client satisfaction.



branding, concepts, corporate design, editorial design, packaging, print & stationery, web design, video, photography, new identities & facial transplants*

* fake passports are not included in the standard offer for new identities.

Our agents are fully trained and equipped to serve selflessly as your personal secret service. If you cannot trust us, you cannot trust anybody.

We might not always abide by the law, but we do always abide by our contracts. If we signed it, we’ll do it. And we’ll do it good.

No matter how proud we are of serving our clients, discretion and confidentiality always come first. In fact, this conversation has never happened.

Our undercover specialists serve quietly, work thoroughly and leave no traces. Once we accept your mission, consider the job done.